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this is ramus’ little sister, sofia. she is a hyperactive wee thing but easy enough to entertain

aboh had to babysit her a few times before but he is not the best at kids BV

oh no…..

Anonymous asked: hello there friend, happy gushing-over-your-bbies anon is back, you can call me MT. i'm a monster myself. got to say, of all the new monsterblogs i've been scrolling through.... <3 to you. -MT


can i see your monster seeellfff?? eve

thank you btw, that really makes me smile you dont even know ;;;

rinnowdoe asked: that anime is Gatchaman Crowds. 10/10 would recommend




big baby

dinogirl69 asked: ;A; I love your Gordan monster!! He's been my doodles of the day >\\\< that dream messed with me

oh thats so sweet of youuu ;;;; man, its too bad you dont have a monster bab of your own! <:C i would ttly draw him with yours if you had one!

Anonymous asked: <3 even the ones you have, gosh i wanna wrestle with them and kiss their noses and watch spooky horror movies with them while cuddling on a giant, comfy couch!!!

oh stooop you’ll make ‘em bluuush <3

lydia-yesthatone asked: So what is your favorite OC?

…from someone else? or of mine????

dinogirl69 asked: I had a dream with Gordan! It was random since I've only seen his drawing like once. XD he was just sorta following me around my school and everyone was trying to pet him since he was cute, but he kept getting mad and growling at them. then would hover around me and keep close and get mad at anyone who got to close to me. >.< it was interesting. I love your art! :3 sorry for being random

thats actually freakin hilarious, cuz thats how he actually is xD protective and possessive, but a real big sweetheart, gosh its real cute to hear you had a dream of him :’I 

here have a tiny gordan for your troubles