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burd spook thingie…


once again I finished my least urgent homework first 

character design week four: limited palette edition (appealing/cool and unappealing/warm) 

I tried to achieve “smarmy, lazy, and condescending” for the satyr dude but I think instead I discovered my spirit animal. 


Another monster design from back in June…I made him to sell as an adopt but I just couldn’t bring myself let go of him, he’s too appealing to me. This is a running theme with adoptables that I design, apparently.

(I don’t usually do the “here’s a closeup” thing but I drew him in landscape and tumblr post formatting hates that!! It made him so tiny…)


[ R O X I ]


Happy birthday to tiny pippas.

because this site sucks when it comes to posting art, i just cut it up for you guys

i made a monster sona for myself i guess

i wanted to join the fun with my moirail maya-dile :’I

(weasyl link coming up sooner or later)


Shit man my mind is doing that deep emotional crap to me right now and it brought my mood down so I drew myself to help

=kisses the gator=

everything will be ok babu ;v;  dont let things that dont exist get you down

starwonderer117 asked: Hey Densy, can you have Fritters to be on your blog, especially on Weasyl. It's been a while since your fans have seen your lovable and bubbly fluffy Gazzan sona. I don't want to bother, I really don't. Your friend: StarWonderer117

fritters is around!!!

i only really use her for cute dorky lovey related things though

here have a tiny fritt to pull you over :’I